Calle Tajinaste 18

35100 San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Las Palmas /Spain

Phone: +34634637657  /  +46703669899

Whatsapp: +34634637657

Skype: hansjonassonuddevalla

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I who runs Villa Violetta is named Hans Jonasson, I am 47 years old and come from Sweden. I am the father of three children, rugby player, businessman, and have lived in Gran Canaria since 2011. I live an active life and can give tips on everything from rock climbing, the best place to rent a car to unique restaurants. I am happy to answer your questions to maximize your experience.

I bought this villa in 2018 and to begin with, my plan was to live in it myself and only renovate the downstairs. There I would run a CoWorking office with accommodation. But after a while, I decided instead to rent out the whole villa full time and now live a few kilometers from the villa.

I am incredibly proud that all guests gave the villa the highest rating. I have invested a lot of money and time to make the villa unique. Sun and swimming can be found everywhere, but in my villa, there are everything from cool decorations to board games carefully selected to suit large groups.

You pay a lot of money to stay in this nice villa and you have the right to expect a 5-star experience. I do everything I can to meet your expectations.